How to Stream From a PlayStation 4

The PS4 can also stream directly to How to Stream on Twitch, which makes the broadcasting process a lot easier. The new PlayStation controller has a Share button on it that you can use to start the process.

To do this, follow these steps:

  • While playing a game, press the Share button.
  • Choose an online service. We’ll use Twitch, but the PS4 supports both Twitch and Ustream out of the box.
  • Link your account. You’ll need a computer handy to open up their respective websites.
  • Give your stream a title.
  • Select “Start Broadcast” to begin streaming.

Of all the platforms, the PS4 unblocked game 66 seems the easiest to stream from, as it doesn’t require any special downloads. You can also use the Share menu to take screenshots or record video clips. You can even set up the Share menu to upload clips directly to YouTube. All in all, the Playstation has the most robust broadcasting options of any platform.

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